M:B:B - Fernando Ongaro Hipnose
Hipnose e Hipnoterapia - tratamento rápido para diversas aflições mentais e psicológicas. Descubra como a Hipnose pode transformar você.
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When mind and body are in balance, we have the possibility to create a new reality!

Would you like to have a resource that allows you to maintain calm and emotional balance, ward off negative thoughts and feelings and even improve the functioning of your body? It would be great to have such a resource, to use it when necessary, wouldn’t it?


And that is perfectly possible! M:B:B Protocol – Mind:Body:Balance Protocol was developed to help you deal with difficult situations, where anxiety, anguish and uncertainty take over your thoughts and feelings and block your action, leaving you at their mercy.

This protocol was created based on concepts of Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Mindfullness. This combination gives this tool powerful resources to help you overcome moments of struggle, control anxiety and anguish, in addition to promoting a sense of wellness, self-confidence and energy, necessary to overcome any challenge that presents itself in your life.


The M:B:B Protocol was developed to be simple. The conditioning and installation work is done in just one session, 100% online. Then you just use it anytime, whenever you need it, forever. The resource will be inside you, programmed in your brain, so that it responds immediately, whenever triggered.

This process is possible due to the incredible capabilities of your brain, responsible for creating absolutely everything you call reality, instantly. Your brain controls all your body’s actions and reactions, including emotional reactions. So, based on that, the M:B:B Protocol creates a series of positive and pleasant emotions and sensations, of peace, tranquility, calm, confidence and security and anchors them in your brain, creating a trigger to be accessed by any moment, so that your brain reproduces all these emotions and sensations and you experience this state again, instantly! Isn’t it amazing?

If you are experiencing moments of anguish and uncertainty, anxiety and fear, if you are constantly stricken by negative and unpleasant thoughts and feelings and if you are experiencing the bitter fruits of this situation, such as insomnia, problems with eating and unwillingness to do whatever it is, M:B:B Protocol is for you!


And if you are not experiencing any of this, it is for you too! After all, who doesn’t need a wave of calm and tranquility, confidence and energy flowing through your body?

Seize the opportunity and equip yourself with this powerful tool! Get in touch and schedule your M:B:B session. Give yourself the chance to create a reality of calm, tranquility and confidence! Contact me now!